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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

This is based off of keepachangelog.com.

There are no real releases, or tags here since this is not a library or anything, but I felt like it would be fun (besides just git history) to keep a log of how the site has changed over time.

This should be in reverse chronological order.



  • Support and styling for anchor links on posts.

  • Makefile supports the env var $BASE_URL, this is useful if I want to check the site from my phone during development, using internet sharing on MacOS.

  • Adding a CHANGELOG.md, which is symlinked and served as /changelog.


  • bin/verify-content-dates updated to use symlinks for the autogenerated section _index.md files.

  • Better sizing/spacing for mobile web.

  • The post How this site works was updated to reflect the fixes to the CNAME (bug fixe below) and the symlinking dates directories.


  • No longer have to deal with weird master merge issues because bin/ship force pushes master. This was a problem before because the master branch needs to have a CNAME file for custom domains to work well. Fixed by symlinking it to static/ the same way that the REAMDE is, and this file is.