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State of present-me [July 2023]

.md | permalink | Published on July 16, 2023

Earlier this year I started working on a new version of present-me.

After shipping the first version, it was time to test it out. I convinced some very patient folks on my team to give it a shot for some large PRs and we hit some roadblocks... quickly.

  1. The diffs were actually wrong
  2. It was easy to fully break the page/UI
  3. The post presentation format wasn't useful in practice

There were unrelated things that I wanted to change (a full frontend rewrite) and try (nuxt with a go backend) that got me much further along into being able to actually fix the issues laid out above.

This is a full rewrite!

  • What used to be a static website is now a SPA using Nuxt. This may change in the future, but I wanted to write components in a component friendly framework. Also, I wanted a frontend framework.

  • For styling, now using tailwindcss for utilities.

  • Diff and syntax highlighting is now using prismjs on the client. It used to be goldmark rendering on the server. Prism has a syntax highlihting package that can do diffs + syntax highlighting so you get richer formatting.

  • Diff rendering now matches what GitHub does for their PRs instead of rendering the full diff_hunk that the API returns.

  • Now using a components to render the UI instead of plain markdown formatting. This fixed a pretty eggregious issue where if you had a diff embedded in your diff the markdown would break in spectacular ways.

  • New bespoke slides (v0 really). Raw markdown formatting currently removed. Not sure if it needs to exist at all.

  • The website is minimally responsive. And the design is more familiar to what gh does.